Sabtu, 28 November 2015

For the Party People: Finding the Best Kauai Luaus (part 2 of 2)

The program features the voyage of ancient Polynesians into the Pacific Ocean to search for Havaiki Nui resulting to the established lands of Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti. The story is well-described through songs, dances and chants. You get to see live fire knife dances and the mystical hula.

Other inclusions in the siet are the shell lei greeting, music and photo opportunity, limited bar, Hawaiian arts and crafts and Imu unearthing. The Kauai luau buffet has a very extensive menu with specialties like somen salad, tropical fruits, kim chee, imu-style cooked kalua pig, brewed kona and several specialty teas.

The Must-See Luau

The most famous Kauai luau is probably Smith’s Garden Luau held at the Wailua Marina State Park on the east side of the island. The program is held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check-in time is at 4:45 p.m.

The event started more than 50 years ago by the Smith family in the holy Wailua River Valley and up to now, they continue to entice visitors to experience and become part of the family or “ohana”. The feast is the main highlight of the luau featuring delicacies like kalua pig roasted in the earthen imu oven, Cousin Gary’s secret teriyaki beef recipe and chicken adobo.

More highlights in this Kauai luau are Tahitian drum dances, Samoan fire knife dances, shell lei greeting, meeting some of the Smith family members, cocktails, Hawaiian music, the Aloha Show with performances from Hawaii, the Philippines and New Zealand and a preview of the romantic Hawaiian wedding.

Occasionally, the Pareo Fashion show and Tihati’s Hiva Pasefika Revue is also presented. Some ethnic dances and chants from China, Japan and Korea are featured as well.

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